I, Creator of Damnation [DIGITAL]
Release date: 24 January 2014

”I,Creator of Damnation” is recorded between July and October 2013. Drums are recorded at Bandbunker Amersfoort by Eus Ferdinant. Guitars, Bass and Vocalls are recorded and produced at WRstudio by Willem Remeijer and KhaoZ. Mixing and mastering is done by Mr Harris Johns at Music Lab, Berlin. All music by KhaoZ

01. Ravishing KhaoZ
02. Sodium Amytal
03. And Forever Madness
04. Purpose Lost...I am Dead
05. Crimson Mind
06. Cry out in Pain
07. Rigor Mortis
08. Creator of Damnation
09. Blindfolded & Forsaken (Humanity Welcomes the Whore)