1. I, Creator of Damnation [DIGITAL]
    Release date: 24 January 2014

    ”I,Creator of Damnation” is recorded between July and October 2013. Drums are recorded at Bandbunker Amersfoort by Eus Ferdinant. Guitars, Bass and Vocalls are recorded and produced at WRstudio by Willem Remeijer and KhaoZ. Mixing and mastering is done by Mr Harris Johns at Music Lab, Berlin. All music by KhaoZ

    01. Ravishing KhaoZ
    02. Sodium Amytal
    03. And Forever Madness
    04. Purpose Lost...I am Dead
    05. Crimson Mind
    06. Cry out in Pain
    07. Rigor Mortis
    08. Creator of Damnation
    09. Blindfolded & Forsaken (Humanity Welcomes the Whore)
  2. Salvation Through Bloodshed [CD]
    Release date: 11 November 2011
    Label: Mad lion Rec’s (PL)

    Recorded & co-produced by Redbanger Productions, produced, mixed & edited in Willow Media Studio`s by Peter Hagen & Jurriaan Verhaar. The mastering is done by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus studio (SE)

    Baptized In Sin
    Damned Messiah
    None.. When You Die
    Insane Sneer
    Paranoia In Extreme
    When Daylight Fades
    Shattered Light Insanity
    The Martyred
    My Own Punishment
    Inveterate Fantasy
    Where Serpents Crawl
  3. Salvation Through Bloodshed [TAPE]
    Tape Version of the new album.
    Limited to 250 Copies with Artwork on bloody Red Paper.
    Label: Inferno Kommando
  4. Twist The Knife a Little Deeper [MCD]
    Release date: December 2009

    Drums recorded at the Drumtime Studio Amersfoort (NL). Guitar, Bass and vocals recorded Wings Of Death Studio Harderwijk (NL). Mixed and Mastered by Harris Johnns at Music Lab Studio Berlin (DE)

    Only To The Worm
    Shattered Light Insanity
    Inveterate Fantasy
    Lost In Serenity
  5. Gentle Carnage [Compilation CD]
    Release date: 17 April 2010

    Print Run: 5.000

    Fragments Of Unbecoming - A Voice Says: Destroy!
    Path Of Golconda - The Wolves Are On The Prowl
    Toforgive - Closing Down
    Jack Slater - Happy Hour
    Tombthroat - I, Supremacy
    Lost World Order - 21st Century Threat
    Punish - Despise, Separate, Attack
    Bloodshed - Thoughtless Murdering
    Witchtower - Scythebeast
    Moridigan - Shattered To Nothing
    Aardvarks - Life
    Hatchery - Final Escape
    Corporate Pain - Last Command
    Mental Killing Spree - Vae Victis
    Carnal Decay - Mary And The 3 Kings
    Irate Architect - Sickening Dolor
    Die In Grey - Brutal Truth
    KhaoZ - Shattered Light Insanity
    Nospheratu - Buried At The Wasteyard
    Legio Mortis - Collector Of Souls
    Zombieslut - (Return Of) The Zombie