Gentle Carnage [Compilation CD]
Release date: 17 April 2010

Print Run: 5.000

Fragments Of Unbecoming - A Voice Says: Destroy!
Path Of Golconda - The Wolves Are On The Prowl
Toforgive - Closing Down
Jack Slater - Happy Hour
Tombthroat - I, Supremacy
Lost World Order - 21st Century Threat
Punish - Despise, Separate, Attack
Bloodshed - Thoughtless Murdering
Witchtower - Scythebeast
Moridigan - Shattered To Nothing
Aardvarks - Life
Hatchery - Final Escape
Corporate Pain - Last Command
Mental Killing Spree - Vae Victis
Carnal Decay - Mary And The 3 Kings
Irate Architect - Sickening Dolor
Die In Grey - Brutal Truth
KhaoZ - Shattered Light Insanity
Nospheratu - Buried At The Wasteyard
Legio Mortis - Collector Of Souls
Zombieslut - (Return Of) The Zombie