Put together former and current members from metal bands like Sinister, Pleurisy, The Embodiment, Houwitser and Dead Head, and what do you get? Exactly, KhaoZ! The Dutch death/thrash metal band KhaoZ emerged at the end of 2008, when these Dutch metal legends joined forces with only one mission in mind: to spread as much KhaoZ as possible.

KhaoZ’ music consists of a mixture of shredding guitars, heavy dynamic drums and deep grooving bass parts. On top of that they add a unique layer of sickening double vocals, consisting of high pitched screams and harsh low grunts. This signature sound can be heard in all KhaoZ’ songs, from ‘Only to the worm’ (their first single) to ‘Sodium Amytal’ (their latest single).

Throughout the years KhaoZ have been crushing various stages and festivals throughout Europe with bands as Immolation, Sinister, Rotting Christ, Severe Torture, Vader, Blaze Bayley, Onslaught, Houwitser, Pandemia, Nuclear Vomit and many others. These skull-crushing performances caused the crowd to go completely insane, time and time again.

Today KhaoZ have released a MCD (Twist the knife a little deeper, 2009, Rusty Cage Records) and two full length albums (Salvation through bloodshed, November 2011, Mad Lion Records & I, Creator of Damnation, January 2014, self released). The band also released music video’s for the songs ‘Only to the worm’ and ‘Damned Messiah’ and announced a third video to be released late 2014.

Six years since the start of KhaoZ the band is still fully active and are continuously working on making music, and spreading as much KhaoZ as possible. Visit their website and Facebook to check when the band is crushing another stage near you.