Line-up change
KhaoZ parted way's with three out of four band members! At this time KhaoZ is working on a new line-up witch will soon be announced. Olav will still be vocalist. Edwin continues with his band Bloodphemy. Michel is busy with Neocaesar. Robin is busy at his job but we will surely see him on stage somewhere someday. Stay tuned
Review Voices from the darkside
The Dutch extreme Metal scene is known for a lot of good to fantastic bands. And still there's no end in sight, taking into concern how many old bands reunited or restarted in the last years. Of course there are newer bands as well. KHAOZ from Amersfoort is one of these fairly new bands. The six piece started in 2008 and up to now released a self-released EP and the album “Salvation Through Bloodshed” on the Polish label Mad Lion. With “I, Creator Of Damnation”, we have their second full length release here, the first I heard of them. After several listenings, I have to admit that I missed something for sure. The most striking fact about KHAOZ is the fact that the band allows themselves the luxury of two vocalists. While Olav is a classical grunter, Johan has a voice that reminds of former ARTILLERY singer Flemming Rönsdorf, who ennobled the first albums of the Danish Thrash Metal masters. And it's not just Johan's voice that gives the music of KHAOZ a twist into Thrash Metal. The music on “I, Creator Of Damnation” is also a little bit influenced by Thrash Metal as well. Sometimes LEGION OF THE DAMNED come to mind, sometimes THANATOS. Not the worst references for a Death Metal band with class, I should say. And KHAOZ are a Death Metal band, yet not a typical one, thanks to the aforementioned influences and resemblances. It's a real joy to listen to songs like 'Sodium Amytal', 'Crimson Mind' or the quasi title track 'Creator Of Damnation'. And with these listening suggestions I'll leave you here and listen to “I, Creator Of Damnation” again. You will find the band at or and the label at

By Thomas Meyer

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KhaoZ parts with vocalist and guitarist
Despite the 'break up' the band will go on with the remaining members
Due to some musical and personal differences the Dutch death/thrash band KhaoZ and both vocalist Johan and guitarist Erik-Jan decided to part ways. KhaoZ wants to thank both musicians for the six years of hard work, and a hell of a good time

The change in line-up will come with some musical changes. KhaoZ was known for their dual vocals by Johan (screams) and Olav Bus (grunts). Olav will combine Johans parts with his own, which will create a new sound for KhaoZ. Michel Alderliefsten is the remaining guitarist and will fill in the blanks Erik-Jan has left for him.

The band recently released a new CD with the German record company GODEATER RECORDS called 'I, Creator of Damnation'. The band will continue to promote this album, starting with the CD-presentation at the Boothill Saloon at Amersfoort on June 19th, and headlining the Dutch festival 'Willems Wondere Weiland' on the 4th of July.


The new line-up (from left to right): Edwin Nederkoorn (drums), Michel Alderliefsten (guitars), Olav Bus (vocals) and Robin Zwiep (bassguitar).

During 2015 and at the end of 2014 KhaoZ already performed in the new line-up at several shows. He're is an idea of what the band sounds like nowadays:

I, Creator Of Damnation on CD now
As you probably noticed, our CD is released now! Check out this video to find out what it will sound like!
KhaoZ signs with Godeater Records
We are proud to announce that we have signed a record deal with the German record company GODEATER RECORDS. Godeater Records will release our album 'I, Creator of Damnation', which was digitally released earlier this year, on CD in a digi-pack. The CD will be available on DECEMBER 19th through our online webshop and other outlets.

Last January we released the album 'I, Creator of Damnation' at the online platform Bandcamp. This way we hoped to get some media attention and some positive reviews. And positive reviews we've got; METAL TEMPLE - "I am talking about real hard shredding", EXTREME METAL 'ZINE - "A very great sounding, brutal, old school death metal band", HARDROCKINFO.COM - "I actually like them more and more for each time I listen to it", MAGICMUSIC MAGAZINE - "And for the fans of loud screaming rock, this is a musthave", MUSICREVIEWS.DE - "Diese shit ist sick, absolut geil", AARDSCHOK - "When it comes to quality, KhaoZ can be mentioned as equals next to Sinister, Pleurisy, Houwitser and Dead Head".

78/100 by Lords of Metal (dutch only)
Drie jaar na het debuut ‘Salvation Through Bloodshed’ kom ons eigen Khaoz (voortgekomen uit [ex-]leden van o.a. Sinister, Houwitser, Pleurisy, Dead Head en The Embodiment) met de opvolger ‘I, Creator Of Damnation’. Zowel het debuut als de daarvoor verschenen EP ‘Twist the Knife a Little Deeper’ kon ik waarderen, al vond ik de vele tempowisselingen en de modernere invloeden soms afbreuk doen op de muziek.

Op de tweede langspeler gaat Khaoz in dezelfde stijl verder, maar heeft de zaken ook iets beter aangepakt. Ten eerste heeft men gekozen voor een ouderwetsere aanpak. Ten tweede – om het heel kort door de bocht te zeggen – hebben de heren hier niet moeilijk lopen doen. De moderne invloeden, technisch poespas en (naar mijn mening onnodig) vele breaks zijn een flink stuk afgenomen. Hierdoor zit er veel meer vaart in de plaat, klinkt de muziek pakkender, en heeft veel meer impact. Begrijp me niet verkeerd, want de nummers bevatten genoeg afwisseling en wisselt men regelmatig tussen snelle blast stukken en tragere, zware, duistere mid-tempo passages. Over het algemeen ligt de nadruk echter op beukwerk en old-school Zweedse death metal a la oude (Zweedse) Grave, Unleashed, en Entombed, maar ook oude Sinister en God Dethroned ten tijde van ‘The Christhunt’. Ook op geluidstechnisch niveau verkeert ‘I, Creator Of Damnation’ in een betere staat dan de voorgaande releases. Met Harris Johns (bekend van o.a. Sodom en Kreator) achter de knoppen heeft de plaat en lekker zware en ouderwetse productie meegekregen die perfect bij de muziek past. Bovendien komt de afwisseling tussen de screams en grunts veel beter uit de verf. Alles bij elkaar is ‘I, Creator Of Damnation’ een sterk album die fans van ouderwetse (Zweedse) death metal zeker zal aanspreken.

Bron: Lords of Metal
Aardschok review
For our Dutch fans

New Album - New Lay-out
The new album 'I, Creator Of Damnation' has been released today at bandcamp.

After a silence of almost 2 years KhaoZ released their new album 'I, Creator Of Damnation' at the online platform Bandcamp. The (in)famous Youtube metal-reviewer Infidel Amsterdam has had the honour of listening to the album as first one outside the band and made a neat video review and anouncement of the release and has this to say about it: It is "faster and more brutal, both vocals sound more agressive"and it's an "overall solid album".

The Single 'Sodium Amytal' which was released past December, will be heared on the new album. I, Creator Of Damnation is exclusively downloadable at Bandcamp for now, but will be released at other platforms in the near future.

KhaotiK X-MAS
New song online
KhaoZ released their first single 'Sodium Amytal' on Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp. The single comes from their second full-length album 'I, Creator of Damnation', which will be released January 2014.
New gigs added to Shows list
New bass player
KhaoZ found a new bass player after having been incomplete for several months. Past winter, around three years after the foundation of KhaoZ, former bass player CJ decided to quit the band. Nine months later a worthy replacement has been found; Robin Zwiep, former bass player of the Dutch metal band Librium.

Robin is no stranger to the band. In KhaoZ’ starting years Robin and KhaoZ’ shared several Dutch stages. Robin hasn’t been active in the metal scene since Librium’s break-up.

The new asset couldn’t have joined the band at a better moment. These past months KhaoZ’ has been working on their third album and will be returning to metal stages in December. The new album is to be released early 2014. More news about this album is soon to follow.


Recordings done
KhaoZ finnished the recordings for their upcoming album this weekend. 9 brutal death/thrash metal tracks found their way to the album which will be mixed and mastered by Harris Johns in november 2013.
Recording started
At this very moment Edwin is recording the drums for the forthcomming album...

Second Album
KhaoZ will start the recordings for their new full length album on the 8th of june. The album will be recorded at the ATP studio in Amersfoort by Eus Ferdinand, Harris Johns will take care of the mix and mastering in his Music Lab Studio in Berlin.
Recordings delayed
The recordings of the second album are delayed. Drummer Edwin got injured during a kyokushin karate training. The recovery of his foot will take approx. 1 month. We will keep you updated.
Bookings update
KhaoZ news
KhaoZ parted ways with their bassplayer CJ. KhaoZ whishes CJ all the best for the near future. Cheers & thnx pall. Meanwhile KhaoZ finished the writing proces for their second album. Recordings start in March 2013. More details follow soon. Interested bassplayers contact us at
New gig confirmed
New gig on 19-01-2013 in Estrado - Harderwijk(NL) with Houwitser, IChaos & Dictated.
Media page update
Today we updated our media page layout with more pictures in three separated albums. The page also includes some audio tracks now. More will follow soon!
Minitour Czech Republic
KhaoZ on tour in Czech Republic 16 aug Parlament Club in Pilsen 17 aug ILfest in Zelenice 18 aug Orthodox Club in Mlada Boleslav
Houten Death Fest
KhaoZ will perform on Houten Death Fest 2012 with bands like: Malignancy(US), Condemned (US) and many more.. so be there on June 30th at Enter in Houten.
KhaoZ on tape
Infernal Kommando Records signs KhaoZ for tape release. KhaoZ is proud to announce their debut album "Salvation Through Bloodshed" released on tape for the old school underground. The "Salvation Through Bloodshed" tape will be released soon and will appear on bloodred paper and is limitted to 250 copies! Order through our site or check Infernal Kommando records.
Promo Video online
New promo video for 'Salvation Through Bloodshed' crawls on the internet! Thanks to The Infidel for creating this! Check it out:

New Merch in Stock!
We have some new merchandise and news.
New merch, Special prices!
  • Deal 1 €12,50:
  • 'Twist The Knife A Little Deeper' MCD
  • Logo t-shirt
  • KhaoZ Patch

  • Deal 2 €20,-:
  • 'Salvation Through Bloodshed' CD
  • Bloodshed t-shirt
  • Metal logo pin
New Video
Official videoclip for 'Damned Messiah' made by PEtv and Olav crawls on the internet!

Salvation Through Europe
'Salvation Through Bloodshed' released upon mankind by Mad Lion Records

Salvation Through Europe Tour 2011 promo gigs in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and The Netherlands.
KhaoZ signs with Mad Lion Records
KhaoZ, the alliance of (ex) members from Sinister / Pleurisy / The Embodiment / Houwitser and Dead Head, signed a record deal with Mad Lion Records (PL).

Their debut album was produced by Redbanger Productions & Willow Media, and mixed by Willow Media & Jurriaan Verhaar. The mastering is done by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus studio (Tribulation, Watain, Desultory o.a.). 'Salvation Through Bloodshed' contains killer songs like Damned Messiah / Where Serpents Crawl / Inveterate Fantasy and will be released on November 11 2011.